A young mother who WILL retire at a young age. Started earning income online in early 2013, so no I'm no "guru" but I do make a living. To learn more on what I do feel free to check out my website:


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My journey is to learn as much as possible about marketing! I'm just so thankful of the team I'm partnered with. #SelfMade
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I love being a barista <3

What do parents think of this?

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It’s such a beautiful day in JC right now! Have Lil Mans trying to use the potty and I myself working on my eyebrows #blah

Hope every mommy out there has a beautiful day! Remember always find time to pamper yourself in some way!

-DM ❤

#humblr #mumblr

#humblr #mumblr

Remember , the idea is less work for more money , not more work for more money !